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Network Solutions  

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Network Solutions

An experienced partner, Novell Computers provides both unbiased guidance and unprecedented knowledge on networking across industries. We utilize a lifecycle approach which includes: strategy, assessment, planning, design, implementation, and management to transform your networks with innovative software defined technologies, analytics and automation for your hybrid cloud environments.

1 Managed Network Services

A managed network is a type of communication network that is built, operated, secured and managed by a third-party service provider.

A managed network is an outsourced network that provides some or all the network solutions required by an organization. This service is delivered as a cloud infrastructure service or installed and managed in-house by the service provider.

A managed network allows an organization to source the infrastructure, software and technical support services essential to operate and manage an IP-based communication network. Managed networks may provide hardware infrastructure resources such as servers, routers and switches, as well as operating system and firewall software to run and secure the backend infrastructure and the data stored over it. The whole system is entirely monitored and maintained by the service provider.

Managed networks may include solutions and services such as managed LAN, managed WAN, a managed gateway, managed wireless networks and other automated network support services.

2 Software Designed Network

Traditional network architectures are too complex, rigid and expensive to achieve today's business objectives of growth and innovation. IBM Networking services for SDN can help create agile and secure network connections for IT and business agility. Based on software based programmability of networks, network virtualization and network function virtualization, these networks can deliver on you application and business needs.


3 Nextgen Campus Network

 A campus area network (CAN) is a network of multiple interconnected local area networks (LAN) in a limited geographical area. A CAN is smaller than a wide area network (WAN) or metropolitan area network (MAN).

A CAN is also known as a corporate area network (CAN).

In most cases, CANs own shared network devices and data exchange media. 

CAN benefits are as follows............

  • Cost Effective

  • Wireless versus Cable

  • Multi Departmental Network Access

  • Single Shared Data Transfer Rate

4 Network Intigration Services

Network Integration Services believes in the power of technology to solve business challenges. But technology alone is no solution—success requires understanding, expertise, application, integration. NIS is a leading provider of integrated engineering solutions for the design, upgrade and expansion of business networks. NIS’ infrastructure solutions consolidate and optimize IT resources, improving clients’ business productivity by providing high availability and high performance. Partner with an organization committed to bringing your plans into the present. NIS offers at its Olathe, Kansas Data Center facilities: private data center suites, managed data center services by the Cabinet(s) and Virtual Servers and Storage. Ask us about our innovative Disaster Recovery, Cloud Compute, and Cloud Backup Solutions. We have consultants with expertise in Cisco, Microsoft, VMWare, EMC, Dell, Equalogics and Business Logics to name a few.


Data Center, Network Design/Security, SAN, Virtualization, Data Management, IP Telephony

5 Network Consulting Services

Many businesses rely on computer networking consultants to ensure network functionality and performance. You might be called on as a consultant to determine the best solution for a project or product development, to expand an existing computer network or to troubleshoot an emergency situation. As a consultant, you would provide advising services on a contractual basis to companies, organizations and government agencies. Your specific job duties would fluctuate with the needs of the client but could include hardware and software installation, server planning and procurement, disaster recovery engineering or network globalization.

Depending on the company or client you work for, your job could include hands-on practical work. You might need to string cable through a building, set up and configure wireless networking devices or program a new server. In other situations, you might devise the planning and procedures for a company project with the actual work being performed by on-staff technicians and company employees. You might work irregular hours and travel throughout a city, to different states or internationally.


6 Intelligent Utility Network Communication Services


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